Strata formation - Penarth cliffs

Strata formation - Penarth cliffs by Alan Bowring

About Me

About Me

British native speaker · Clear neutral RP accent · 40 years’ teaching experience

Teaching Style

Enthusiastic · Patient · Friendly · Hard-working · Flexible

My teaching career started in the 1970s, giving Speech and Drama (Elocution) lessons in Wales. I later taught English and Russian in Singapore, while working full-time as a translator from Spanish, French, German, Russian and other European languages. In 1990, I qualified as a secondary school teacher in the UK. I worked in London for 10 years, teaching languages, including English for pupils who had recently arrived in Britain. I then became a full-time private tutor, giving 1-to-1 lessons in my home. I have worked with all ages, from new-born babies to students in their 90s.

DaffodilsI understand how difficult it can be for adults to find the time and energy to learn. In 2006, I began to study the piano seriously, over 30 years after stopping lessons as a child. I became a more empathetic teacher of adults as a result of my own learning experiences. In 2008, I decided to learn Welsh, the language of the country I had left in 1977 to attend the University of Edinburgh. At the same time, I began learning to play the harp, the national instrument of Wales, and have enjoyed playing in public and for pleasure. By 2010, I had returned to my home country, Wales, and became Welsh Learner of the Year the following year. All these things required time, patience and determination. I chose to commit that time, because I wanted to be able to speak Welsh and to play the piano and the harp.

If you want to improve your English, I can help you.

I taught English full-time in Spain (Valencia) from January 2014 to March 2016. In addition to classes at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum in the iconic City of Arts and Sciences, classes at academies, government offices and lessons with children, I taught individuals from the following sectors: Medicine, Architecture, Law, Education, Philosophy, Sociology, Engineering, Tourism, Politics, Finance, Town Planning.

I am now home in Wales. I can teach you by Skype or in person if you would like to visit Wales for an intensive English course.