About You

Do you want to take an exam?
I can help you to prepare for IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge examinations from A2 to C2: KET, PET, First Certificate, CAE (Advanced), CPE (Proficiency).

Do you want to prepare for an interview?
I can help you with interview preparation and practice. If the interview will be voice-only, with no visuals, we can practise that technique.

Do you need to use English at work?
I can help you with specialist vocabulary, useful expressions, developing presentations and general practice.

Do you have to answer the telephone at work?
We can practise with and without visuals on Skype, so that you become confident in understanding people and answering them without hesitation.

Are you planning a visit to an English-speaking country?
I can help you to prepare for your holiday or business trip.

Do you just love English?
I can help you to discover more about this wonderful language, from Shakespeare to Scotland, from Bowie to the BBC.