Are you ready for a conversation in English?

If you want to speak English like a native, but you don’t live in an English-speaking country, Skype is your friend. Chatting with a native speaker for just 15 minutes a day will keep your brain thinking in English rather than translating from your mother tongue.

You can talk to me via Skype from any location. I’ll correct all your errors, teach any grammar you need, and suggest new vocabulary. I have a standard British accent and will help you to achieve fluency or just to feel more confident on your next holiday.

MV Balmoral off Sully Island

MV Balmoral off Sully Island by Mick Lobb

Let me guide you through the more complex aspects of English pronunciation as you navigate your way through the rules of our language. It’ll be plain sailing with my help and you’ll be all set to explore the British Isles.

Perhaps you have to answer international calls at work, and you’re too nervous to pick up the phone. Choose the voice-only option (no visual clues) to really practise your telephone manner.

Preparing for meetings or presentations? Book a longer lesson once or twice a week and you’ll have time to work on tricky pronunciation and intonation. Learning English is easy when you use British English with Kay.

As a qualified teacher, I have 40 years of experience in teaching languages to all ages and backgrounds. For most of that time I have specialised in individual tuition. I work with all levels, from beginners to C2.

I’ve spent the past two years in Spain, teaching English in academies, private companies, and at the iconic Science Museum in Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences. My private clients in Valencia have included lawyers, doctors, architects, engineers, academics and philosophers, in addition to children of all ages.

I’m back home in Wales now but the magic of Skype means that you can still access my bespoke courses and choose your own schedule.

Whether you are in Spain or Senegal, Shanghai or Saint Petersburg, why not speak British English with me? Whatever the topic, it’s going to be interesting!







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