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How to say “No” in English

Are you learning English? Do you speak the language fluently but still have problems with negatives? Perhaps your mother tongue combines negative words for emphasis. You are used to seeing and using these double negatives. But they don’t exist in current standard English.  In the sentence I just wrote, the word “not” – as in “do not exist” – is the only […]

Help! I don’t understand.

You arrive at the airport, your well-practised English packed into your brain as carefully as the contents of your suitcase. You have an extensive vocabulary. You read English every day. You email colleagues all over the world in international English. You’re confident that you’ve finally mastered all the verb tenses in English. You know your […]

Who’s calling, please?

Who answers the phone in your office? Who talks to the English-speaking customers? Was your answer “the same person”? Good. That’s how it should be. I hope you value their contribution to your company. Using the phone, without the visual clues of body language, facial expression or context, is one of the hardest things to do […]

Has your English flowered yet?

When we speak of flowering, we mean becoming beautiful or becoming mature, complete, productive. In a sense, we are thinking of proficiency. The full beauty of the English language is available to us when we are proficient in its use. Learning English can seem like a journey through a long, cold winter. But there’s hope […]

Are you ready for a conversation in English?

If you want to speak English like a native, but you don’t live in an English-speaking country, Skype is your friend. Chatting with a native speaker for just 15 minutes a day will keep your brain thinking in English rather than translating from your mother tongue. You can talk to me via Skype from any location. I’ll correct all your […]