How To Improve Your English (Without Leaving Home)

Dreaming of travelling to the UK?

Applying for a job with an international company?

Looking for promotion?

Hoping to pass the B2 exam so you can keep your current post?

What do the answers to all these questions have in common? English. The ability to speak and understand English, not only in the workplace but in daily life. Opening a bank account, buying a bus ticket, asking for directions, ordering a meal…

Doctors and scientists often tell me that they’re not too worried about giving presentations or speaking at a conference in English. They can handle the questions at the end of their lecture because they know the terminology. What terrifies them is the post-conference dinner where they have to make small talk with their neighbour. Will their vocabulary fail them? “Please, ask me about microbes, not about my family!”

Others find that they can talk about the weather, their interests, perhaps even current affairs. But they don’t have sufficient command of the language to enable them to practise their profession in English. They just don’t know the right words!

The obvious solution is an immersion course in the United Kingdom, and I can help you with that.

My intensive English courses are held in Penarth, across the bay from Cardiff, capital of Wales:

From behind the cliffs at Penarth
From behind the cliffs at Penarth



But if travel is not an option for you right now, you can create an English-speaking environment in your own home or office.

Listen to English every day.

Make use of all the free resources available online.

Most importantly, speak English.

Read aloud so you get used to hearing your own voice. Your brain and your mouth need to work together when pronouncing English and it takes practice.

One-to-one English lessons provide opportunities for informal conversation, guided discussion or more structured learning. Find a really good, qualified and experienced tutor who is a native speaker and can correct your English and develop your fluency.

The beauty of individual tuition is that we focus on your needs and your interests. No need to waste time repeating the basics if what you actually want is help writing your thesis. But if you’re struggling to decide between “say” and “tell”, we can stop the lesson and go over that point until you understand it.

If you’re crazy about classical music, I probably won’t make you listen to rap. If you find football fascinating, I’ll find a way to use that in our lessons.  In Valencia, I had a client who thought tennis was terrific. We spent hours discussing the ins and outs of Rafa and his competitors. Dani’s English improved as he argued passionately on behalf of his hero, while my knowledge of the tennis world improved dramatically!

This one’s for you, Dani!

(and anyone else who thinks tennis courts are cool and wants to read about Rafael Nadal…)

Forget about fixed timetables. Cut out the travel time, and learn by Skype. 15 minutes a day from your office? Or an hour on a Sunday morning while the kids are watching cartoons? Choose a day and time to suit you. A different time each week if that’s best for you. Are you ready to start?


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