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What is the most effective way to improve your English language skills?

An immersion course in an English-speaking country is the answer.

However, group classes can be a problem for two reasons. Firstly, there is a risk that some of the other students will speak your language and you will find yourself chatting in Spanish or Mandarin during lesson breaks. It might seem relaxing but what a waste! The reason true immersion courses work is that the brain is surrounded by English at all times, without switching back to the mother tongue. If you are consistent in speaking English throughout your course, you’ll find that thinking and communicating in English becomes normal and natural to you.

Secondly, even if you stick to English while chatting to each other during your free time, you’ll be hearing each other’s mistakes and mispronunciation, not only during the lessons but while you are exploring the country you are visiting. This will reinforce your own weaknesses and can make you doubt yourself even when you are correct.

If you want to make rapid progress, you need individual tuition. You’ll work at your own pace, starting from your true level. You can revise the basics as slowly as you like or choose particular problems you need to work on. You won’t need to wait for others in the group to understand something you find easy. You can concentrate on specialist vocabulary for your industry and discuss topics that are important to you.

Most importantly, you won’t need to feel shy about asking questions. There’s never a wrong time to ask a question when you have your own individual tutor. Nobody else will hear your mistakes. You’ll find yourself chatting away in English without fear.

Do you want fast results? Here in Wales, I offer one-to-one lessons combined with a range of activities designed to build your confidence and perfect your spoken English.

“I don’t have time!”

Come to Wales for just a weekend or for a short mid-week break before an exam or interview or before you start a new job. An intensive 12 hours a day for two days will make a real difference to your English. It’s your course, so you decide how many hours a day you want to do and how many days you want to spend here. A month in Wales will really boost your language skills and will be the experience of a lifetime, adding credibility to your CV.

“But I’m scared!”

Don’t worry. I’ll be with you to help if you don’t understand somebody. Together, we’ll prepare and practise the language you’ll need each day. At the end of the course, you’ll have wonderful memories and you’ll be speaking English with confidence.

“But it’s more fun to learn in a group!”

The intensive courses I offer include lessons at my home. These are tailor-made for the individual client so will never be boring. But you will also meet a wide range of native speakers. If concentrated grammar or pronunciation work begins to seem difficult, we go out for a walk on the beach and the conversation flows. If you’re feeling more ambitious, Wales is the only country with a public footpath that runs the entire length of its coastline!

Cliffs at Llantwit Major
Cliffs at Llantwit Major by Archangel12

Read about the South Wales section of the Wales Coastal Path.

We might pop into a café or shop so you can practise your English in an everyday situation. Perhaps we’ll visit a castle, an island or a theatre. Whether you’re interested in the past or the future, from dinosaurs to Dr Who, Penarth has something for you. So come to Wales, speak English and have fun!

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