Immersion in Architecture

You’re an architect. Or training to become one.

You probably read architectural journals in English, but are you always confident when pronouncing industry terminology? Do you feel comfortable using those terms in full sentences?

A one-to-one immersion course in the United Kingdom will give you the confidence that’s essential in your profession.

If you want intensive work on your pronunciation and intonation, that’s what you’ll get.

Perhaps you feel frustrated and uncomfortable in face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations. Whether demonstrating professional expertise, or participating in informal social situations, your English is holding you back.

You want to hold the client’s attention as powerfully as you could if you were speaking your first language. Equally importantly, you’d like to be certain that you’ve correctly understood what the client is saying. In a fast-moving meeting, this can be challenging. Even over drinks after signing a contract, it’s embarrassing if you can’t follow the conversation.

When you show a client around a venue, you want respect for your opinions. Do you sometimes wonder if that’s possible when you have to express those thoughts in English? Using a second language can make you feel like a child with a limited vocabulary, always speaking in the present tense.

What if you could become more competent in English while having a fabulous holiday in Wales? The medieval village at Cosmeston, the incredible collection of buildings at St Fagans, and the elegant Dyffryn House and Gardens are just a few of the fascinating structures you can visit.

Cosmeston Medieval Village
Cosmeston Medieval Village by Nilfanion
St Fagans Castle
St Fagans Castle by Mick Lobb
Dyffryn House

Cardiff’s civic centre and Victorian shopping arcades are world-renowned.

Cardiff Civic Centre
Victorian shopping arcade in Cardiff

There are castles galore, such as Caerphilly with an extensive moat, or Cardiff, where you’ll see Roman, Norman and 19th century contributions.

Caerphilly Castle
Caerphilly Castle by Rob the moment profile (Flickr)
Cardiff Castle Apartments
Cardiff Castle Apartments by Farwestern Photo by Gregg M. Erickson
ceiling-617833-640 (1)
Ceiling of the Arab Room at Cardiff Castle

The picturesque folly of Castell Coch is not to be missed.

Castell Coch, the Red Castle

But there’s more. From Penarth’s Victorian and Art Deco buildings, including the revamped Pier Pavilion, to the Millennium Stadium with its retractable roof “so God can watch them play”.

Penarth Pier and Pavilion


Millennium Stadium with fully retractable roof on river Taff in Cardiff

The pedestrian route from Penarth to Cardiff is interesting in itself, via the man-made barrage that seals off the Bay.

Looking across Cardiff Bay to Penarth, the Barrage and the sea by Andrew Davis

When you get there, you’ll want to see the National Assembly for Wales, the Millennium Centre, the Pierhead and the Coal Exchange, where the world’s first million pound transaction took place.

Senedd, home of the National Assembly for Wales
Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay
Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay

Here in Wales, I’ll help you to increase the range of your working vocabulary and key language structures. Speaking and listening will be the main components, and we won’t be stuck in an artificial classroom situation. You’ll be using English from the word “Go”. If you need to improve your writing skills for an exam or for office use, that can be included in the course. The beauty of a bespoke individual itinerary is that it’s tailored to suit your needs perfectly, whether you’re starting from the basics or want to polish your skills to a C2 level. Choose the dates you find convenient and decide how many hours of tuition you want each day. Tell me what you want to get out of your time in the Penarth area and I’ll design the perfect learning experience for you.

We’ll practise asking questions then we’ll put that practice into practice! Visiting Cardiff’s architectural gems and talking to all the right people. You’ll have an opportunity to ask your ready-prepared questions but you’ll also get used to thinking up questions on the spot. Soon, you won’t notice that you are asking those questions in English. Plenty of repetition of careful phrasing will have given you a new level of fluency. You’ll be dreaming in English and you’ll wake up thinking in English.




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