Invest in English


As I write this, the pound is at its lowest value in decades.

So if you’re looking for an immersion course in the UK or paying for British English lessons in sterling, you’ll want to make the most of this opportunity.

Why is this an investment?

English is still the international language. You need it to get a good job and to use social media effectively, It gives you access to information for your personal interests or professional needs. In other words, you need to speak English well to fully enjoy today’s world.

Improving your English doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

There are many free resources online and you should teach yourself as much as possible. Read widely, listen to a variety of audio sources and use English whenever you can. This means investing time.

So, why does the sterling exchange rate matter?

People who are serious about improving or maintaining the quality of their spoken or written English will also choose to pay for time with a qualified, experienced teacher.

If you feel you need extra support to help you learn and to keep you focused, if you have a deadline or you are time-poor, one-to-one tuition is much more effective than group classes. It may seem expensive initially but you will need fewer lessons because you will make progress more quickly. The standard of your English will be far better at the end of a bespoke individual course than after years of attending group sessions.

Daffodils brighten an afternoon tea!
Daffodils brighten an afternoon tea!

The learning process is targeted to your specific needs. Your level of understanding. The grammar you need to be able to use so that you can communicate with confidence. You’ll work on specialised vocabulary tailored to your professional requirements and your own interests, with intensive practice to improve your pronunciation and intonation.

The time it takes to reach competency is entirely dependent on your commitment. With customised teaching, you can achieve the outcome you want within a relatively short time. That might be success in an examination or interview, or the confidence to use English on the telephone, on a conference podium, in a board meeting, at the airport, or when helping your children with their homework.

Ideally, you will combine an intensive immersion course with follow-up support by Skype, either on a regular basis or as and when it’s needed. That’s the gold standard.


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