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Thinking of coming to Wales for an intensive English course? Let me tell you a little about my home town.

Penarth is a pretty seaside resort, where you’ll enjoy sitting on the pier and shopping in the Victorian arcade. There’ll be ample opportunity for conversation.

But we have a secret…

You can travel through time in Penarth,  from dinosaurs to Daleks!

When you come to Wales to improve your English, we’ll make the most of the local attractions to get you talking!

The cliffs at Penarth are so spectacular, geologists named a strata formation after them.

Strata formation - Penarth cliffs
Strata formation – Penarth cliffs by Alan Bowring

Perhaps you’ll find a Jurassic fossil when we explore the beaches. Or just admire the sea and islands from cliff-top paths winding through elegant Victorian parks and wild countryside. The artist Alfred Sisley spent a productive summer here in 1897. How will the panoramic views inspire you?

We’ll visit Cosmeston Country Park with its Medieval Village and watch swans at the wildlife sanctuary. Swans look so serene, don’t they? Gliding along with no sign of  the furious paddling they’re doing under water. That’s a skill English learners could do with mastering. Want to look cool and confident in meetings while speaking English? Where better than Penarth to practise?

Cosmeston Medieval Village
Cosmeston Medieval Village by Nilfanion

By the late 19th century, Penarth and its neighbour Cardiff had grown into thriving ports. Cardiff docks were, for a time, the busiest in the world. The amazing architecture of that period can still be seen, from Penarth’s ‘Millionaires’ Row’ to the former Docks Offices on the other side of Cardiff Bay.

But the once industrial docks are now a flourishing marina where we can stroll and admire the boats, even take a trip upriver or out to an island.

MV Balmoral off Sully Island
MV Balmoral off Sully Island by Mick Lobb

The arrival of the BBC Drama studios at the far end of the barrage linking Penarth to Cardiff has added a special flavour to our outings. We often come across film crews around the town and once you’ve been here, you’ll start recognising familiar sights when watching drama productions from the BBC.

If you’re a science-fiction fan, you’ll be familiar with Dr Who, his time-travelling Tardis and his arch enemies, the Daleks. You’ll find them all at Cardiff Bay, just a few minutes walk from Penarth.

In 2015 a baby dinosaur was discovered at Penarth, bringing prehistory into the modern day.

So while you’re here, we’ll pop into the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff for a visit. You might not be able to communicate directly with the little theropod – dino lingo can be tricky – but there’ll be plenty to talk about.

That’s just a taste of what my town has to offer. Could you talk about all those topics in English? Do you want to feel more confident when communicating with native speakers? Are you ready to find out how?



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