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Have you ever been in a meeting where everybody except you speaks fluent English? Do you sometimes think that you are the only person in a group who doesn’t understand the joke?

In today’s world, if you don’t speak English, you can feel isolated, like an island.

Aerial view of Flat Holm

If your lack of fluency is a problem, start working on it now. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. It’s never too soon to begin. Whatever you enjoy doing in your free time, find a way to do it in English.

How can you make a connection between your little island and the rest of the world? Supply boats, passing yachts or helicopters might visit you, bringing new vocabulary, an unusual accent or the latest slang expression. You can pick up gems like that by listening to the radio every day. But is it enough?

Rudder Rock, Steep Holm

Are you trying to climb the rocks of your island all alone? Have you reached a plateau? Is the language just too difficult?

Sully Island with Triassic sandstone resting on steeply tilted beds of Carboniferous Limestone, folded and eroded over many tens of millions of years

Perhaps you need a causeway, linking you to the mainland so you can walk across at low tide.

A midwinter’s view of Sully Island, completely separated from the mainland
In the space of a minute, the causeway to Sully Island is revealed, as the tide rapidly recedes
Looking across to Sully Island when the tide is out and the causeway is visible

Read English every day and you’ll strengthen all your skills. Experiment with your written English. Write a diary. Text or email English-speaking friends each day. Try writing poetry or short stories…

Rudder Rock, Steep Holm

You might want to build a bridge, and have permanent contact with the mainland. Get a strong internet connection and you can communicate whenever you like. Your speaking will improve if you talk to native speakers every day. Choose an experienced teacher who can correct you and give you confidence.

Sometimes, swimming is the only way to reach the outside world. Total immersion.

Steep Holm island


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