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Fluent, confident English

fluency confidence intonation range of vocabulary grammar pronunciation listening skills How do people learn to speak English fluently and with confidence? Continuum or triangle? Each learner is unique. Some see the list above as a continuum. Fluency is unachievable without confidence, but truly fluent speakers have good intonation, a range of vocabulary suited to their life needs […]

Applying grammar when speaking

So. You think you understand the most basic rules of English grammar. You feel confident when you’re speaking. You never allow fear to silence you. Somehow, however, you find it impossible to combine those two strengths: knowledge of grammar; and confidence. You are perfectly capable of talking about the past, the future, your hopes and […]

What’s the weather like?

Some people are afraid to visit the UK because they’ve heard terrible stories about the weather. Wales, in particular, has a reputation for rain. That’s what keeps the country so green. One client commented, at the end of his intensive course, that he now prefers rain to sun. Coming from the Mediterranean coast of Spain, he wasn’t […]

Vocabulary and variety

English is a magical language. We have words with Latin and Saxon roots, some borrowed from Arabic or Celtic connections and still others adopted from distant colonies. Over the centuries, “foreign” words have been mispronounced or have changed their meanings so that sometimes it is not easy to trace a route back to their origins. This has […]

Immersion in Architecture

You’re an architect. Or training to become one. You probably read architectural journals in English, but are you always confident when pronouncing industry terminology? Do you feel comfortable using those terms in full sentences? A one-to-one immersion course in the United Kingdom will give you the confidence that’s essential in your profession. If you want intensive work on your pronunciation […]