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I want you to speak English well

One of the trickiest structures for non-native speakers of English is the following: “Somebody wants somebody else to do something“. In some languages, this idea is expressed using “that”: “I want that you help me“. This is incorrect in English. We say “I want you to help me“. If you have been saying this incorrectly […]

Perfect your English in the garden by the sea

The Victorians called Penarth “the garden by the sea”. With the mildest climate in Wales, this part of the Welsh coast is a gem, a jewel. It seems that little has changed since the fabulous mansions of Millionaires’ Row first appeared, housing ship-owners in luxury. Fortunes were made in Cardiff, at one time the busiest […]

Grammar is good

What is the purpose of language? Communication. If we do not follow accepted practice when using a foreign language, will native speakers understand us? Probably not. So, your approach to learning English needs to be multi-pronged. (1)  Learn like a baby. Listen, 24/7. (2)  Learn like an educated native speaker who enjoys reading. Read, for […]

Is your English blocked?

A barrage is an artificial barrier across a river or estuary, a wall that blocks or restricts the flow of water to prevent flooding. There is a barrage between my home town, Penarth, and the capital of Wales, Cardiff. It separates the waters of two rivers, the Taff and the Ely, from the sea. This […]

Learn English fast for life!

You want to learn English quickly but you don’t want to forget everything as soon as you learn it? You need to live it so it’ll last for life! Does improving your English seem like hard work? Imagine how the builders of Stonehenge felt, moving massive sarsen stones around. But they built something to last. Make your […]