Tuesday and Thursday


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Sometimes the simplest words cause problems. The days of the week are absolutely essential. How can we plan our activities or make appointments without knowing how to name those days? Monday, Friday and Sunday rarely cause problems. Saturday needs a little practice. Wednesday looks more difficult than it sounds: “Wensday”.

But Tuesday and Thursday make people panic. Let’s simplify them!

The ue in Tuesday sounds like the word “you“.


What do YOU do on TYOUsdays?

The u in Thursday sounds like the i in thirsty.

Thirsty Thursdays


Say them correctly 100 times if you have to. Use them in true sentences to help you remember them:

Today is Tuesday or Tomorrow is Thursday or Yesterday was Tuesday.

On Tuesday I’m going to Paris.

On Thursdays I play tennis.

Last Thursday I had dinner with my colleagues.

Next Tuesday I have a hospital appointment.

Every Tuesday I attend an English class.

Every Thursday I get up early and go running.

On Thursday I went to the cinema.

On Tuesday I went to London.

If you usually go out for a drink with your colleagues on Thursdays, call those evenings Thirsty Thursdays from now on. If you normally go out on Fridays, you have even more reason to refer to Thirsty Thursday. You’re all still waiting for that drink!!!

So, what do YOU do on TYOUsdays?


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