What’s the weather like?


Some people are afraid to visit the UK because they’ve heard terrible stories about the weather. Wales, in particular, has a reputation for rain. That’s what keeps the country so green. One client commented, at the end of his intensive course, that he now prefers rain to sun. Coming from the Mediterranean coast of Spain, he wasn’t used to lush, soft grass and he had fallen in love with it. If that’s the result of rainfall, he said, bring on the raindrops!

But I’m lucky. I live in an extremely sheltered spot on the southern coast of Wales. The climate is mild. In fact, a client from Valencia recently complained of getting sunburned here. During her three week immersion course, she experienced only a couple of days of rain. To be fair, it did also rain at night on several occasions. As in Camelot, bad weather arrives when it will least inconvenience us.

Today it’s 26º here in Penarth and you can understand why tourists have been coming here for over a hundred years. This is a perfect day to sit in the breezy Marina, explore the pebbly beaches of the town itself, or visit neighbouring Barry Island with its extensive golden sands. Yes, people do swim at British beaches!

Wales is famous for its idyllic bays and dramatic coastline. Remember, you can walk the entire length of the coast. Dolphin or puffin watching, surfing and sailing are popular activities. Climb the nearest mountains, or test yourself on Snowdon, the highest peak in either England or Wales. Perhaps you’d prefer a local adventure: pick your way across the rocks to Sully Island or explore Bute Park, the wild heart of Cardiff.

While you’re here, work on your English skills. The weather is always a good conversation starter in Britain, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk to new people. When you’re involved in an activity, whether walking or swimming, it’s easy to remember useful vocabulary, because you are using the words as soon as you hear them. That’s the best learning method.

Immersion doesn’t have to mean getting caught in the rain! Immerse yourself in English and sunshine here in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan. It’s always the right weather to visit the garden by the sea.


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